1. Reduced Energy Use

You’ll no longer be charged for the energy used by running your server equipment in-house 24/7. The technologies used in cloud systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency to reduce the thermal load of the data centers HVAC systems. Many people are simply shocked to see how much energy was used in their server room after the move. One of the many benefits of the cloud.

2. Accessibility

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, have uninterrupted access to corporate resources, which is a real lifeline for effective management. Your employees can work just as efficiently from Splash Mountain at Disney World as they can in the office. Never have someone call in for bad weather again. This is particularly useful for executives and sales staff that are constantly on-the-go, as well as for companies that offer flex time and other modern benefits.

3. Space Benefits of the Cloud

You can now easily opt out of large and difficult to maintain on-site servers that you need a VPN to access from home and instead use a quick, easy, and reliable method of accessing all of your files through any available internet connection. We recommend turning your old server room into bike storage for your commuters, or a beer fridge and game room. One of the many benefits of the cloud.

4. Worry Free Backups

The real time automation and redundancy of modern data centers is truly incredible. The running server images themselves are constantly saving snapshots, the blade server hardware is completely redundant in the event of a hardware failure, the network equipment is redundant, the power and network connections to major backbones are the same. Backups of the images, the data within the images, and incremental changes as each file is saved are all cataloged – automated – simple.

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