If you are considering expanding, scaling down or simply altering your IT infrastructure to better suit your business needs TechTroid will help you with professional advice to implement whatever changes you have in mind. Do you suspect you may be paying too much for your current outsourced IT consulting services? We can easily audit your invoices and trace what exactly you have been billed for, and help you find our how much you can save. Our professional services include:

Infrastructure IT Consulting

With the ever-changing trends of modern technology you need sound advice from IT professionals who are committed to always being ahead of the curve. We are capable of assessing your needs and designing an optimal infrastructure for your company size and type of business which will ultimately improve your functionality.

Work-flow and Process Technology Consulting

Making sure you’re using the most suitable commercial software to run your business is key to your success. Our experts will sit down and take apart your day-to-day business processes until they understand your business model, company needs and specific challenges so they can recommend the most efficient way for you to do business.

IT Staffing

Recruiting IT professionals can often be a daunting task if your Human Resources manager is lacking the technical skills to properly interview and assess candidates. With our proven track record in IT staffing you can be sure that all applicants will be thoroughly assessed based on their professional experience, qualifications, working knowledge, and personal integrity and only the very best will be recommended to you so you can make a smart hiring decision.

Review and Auditing

We are confident we can determine the root cause of whatever difficulties you face in your day-to-day IT operations then recommend the appropriate action to improve your results. Are you using outsourced IT services? We can audit your invoices and make sure you’re getting everything you’ve paid for or we can easily find out if you have been over billed for any reason. TechTroid prides itself in providing top of the line IT consulting services which are bound to positively impact your productivity and overall IT cost.