Companies of all sizes and industries are striving towards maximizing their employees performance and the easiest way to do that is by grouping all their IT resources together in a virtual infrastructure that is manageable, reliable and more accessible for them to work on the go. A clever marketing person somewhere decided to call this ‘the cloud’.

Over the past few years delivering software applications and IT infrastructure over the internet as a service has become more and more popular and given the vast choice of cloud types – ways to implement the methodology – businesses have a variety of ways to meet their growing demands for excellent connectivity, reliable data storage and back-ups, and fast implementation of application changes and updates. Below are a few of the services we offer but the list is far from comprehensive. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

Managed Cloud Services

24/7 Cloud Services Support – We offer full maintenance, remote, and on-site support when needed so your business never again has to suffer the drawbacks of crashed computers, infrastructure glitches, or abnormally functioning software applications.

Cloud OS Management – The people on our team are experienced in maintaining the cloud backbone of your IT infrastructure, having worked with all Windows OS distributions as well as most of Linux’s. We will keep your operating systems up-do-date, free of issues, and regularly monitored to ensure top performance.

Reporting and Alerts – Whether you are running a single or various cloud infrastructures on different platforms, TechTroid can provide regular system health reports and statistical analysis so you remain in control of your resources all of the time and can plan your business capacity accordingly.

Cloud Consulting

If you are already using a public or a private cloud infrastructure at your company, you are already half way there. Our cloud specialists can help with any issues you experience in your day to day activities, as well as help you plan for further down the road as you grow and expand. We can quickly and efficiently determine the cause of any ongoing issues related to servers, networking, data storage, overall performance, or security of your cloud services infrastructure. Give us a call. We can help.