Technology and Internal Optimization

TechTroid specializes in providing technical support of the highest standard to small and medium sized businesses. We ensure your technical difficulties are addressed immediately and resolved effectively while minimizing downtime and optimizing IT costs. In the Information Era your company’s competitiveness and often its productivity depend on how quickly technical issues within your IT infrastructure are resolved. TechTroid technical support team is your go-to contact when the unexpected happens. We will be there to handle it without breaking the bank.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is the solution for businesses that want the technical benefits and availability of a dedicated in-house IT team at the fraction of the cost. At TechTroid we have consistently and successfully provided long-term managed IT services to a growing number of clients and have been able to improve their productivity and ultimately their bottom line.

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Data Center and Disaster Recovery

Maintaining and more importantly securing a data center against malicious attacks, hardware failure, data loss or even an act of god can be expensive, not to mention technically challenging. Outsourcing your data center and disaster protection needs to TechTroid ensures the safety of your business’ sensitive information while significantly reducing your IT costs.

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is increasingly becoming a preferred IT solution due to its many advantages such as cost effectiveness, scalability and flexibility. Our technical team consists of virtualization experts with years of experience and up-to-date certifications from the biggest players in the virtualization world.

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IT Consulting

With years of experience in Information Technology, the professional assessment and advice of our experts will prove invaluable whenever you have to make decisions about your IT strategy, infrastructure, networking, and computer hardware and software solutions. Our diverse services will help you make the right decision for your company’s size, needs and IT budget without having to employ a trial-and-error approach which can prove to be costly and inefficient.

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Web Development

A company’s web site is its business card. Leave all of your web development needs in the hands of our skillful web engineers and designers who will bring together elements of creativity, flexibility and stability to your online persona and give you the ultimate online experience. Getting the perfect site for your company has never been easier and more affordable!

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