If your company has decided to take a step towards the partial or full virtualization of its IT infrastructure we can certainly help. We have industry certified engineers ready to work on your project at a moments notice.

Server Virtualization

With our proven experience and virtualization expertise we can quickly and efficiently virtualize your servers – the workhorses of your network. We can assist in selecting the most suitable hypervisor for your purposes and recreating your servers as virtual machines – setting up virtual networking and shared data storage. If you need desktop virtualization we can assist as well after assessing your exact business needs.

Supported Hypervisors

We at TechTroid are not limited by technology but embrace its diversity. We are VMware Certified Professionals, untilize VMware vSphere daily as it is the leading virtualization product suite however we also support and work with Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen products. Often, environments contain more than one type of hypervisor and/or legacy products. We are comfortable working with those products as well.

Benefits of Virtualization

Some of the many benefits of server virtualization are:

  • Availability – when a virtual machine fails another virtual machine is capable of taking over its function immediately with no loss of service or downtime.
  • Scalability – virtualization allows for the quick allocation of server resources such as RAM, disk space, and even processor cores. Virtual machines can be reconfigured to increase their “hardware” specifications on the go.
  • Flexibility – you can run multiple virtual machines with different operating systems on the same hypervisor. There is no limit to the combinations possible.
  • Utilization – by employing virtualization you can utilize existing hardware capacities without having to purchase new expensive equipment if you need additional virtual machines within your IT environment.
  • Business Continuity – server virtualization increases business continuity by allowing more efficient backups and disaster recovery execution times.