An observant eye will notice that the percentages above do not add up to one hundred. That is absolutely correct. These numbers represent the involvement of each described event type in the average network outage. The numbers are correct because it is almost always a combination of factors that will bring your network down. Human error is clearly the most important contributor to an outage, but if we hold IT people to a very high standard – which we always should- there should never be any unexpected updates and patches that are installed on your production (live) systems. Simply put – someone is always at fault and the solution is foresight and good planning. This happens to be one of our specialties. Let us craft a plan for you and get your systems to a worry-free state.

Data Center Implementation

The team at TechTroid are certified data center experts and have extensive experience in planning, designing, and implementing on-site data centers. We can help take you from a server closet or room and into the realm of raised floors and natural gas generators.

Colocation Services

Our data center colocation service partners are a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way of maintaining your offsite equipment using their facility. We handle all hardware and software maintenance, networking, access control, malicious attacks protection and guarantee uninterrupted access and 100% security of your data. Our partners provide the physical multi-million dollar facility, 24 hour security, and redundant power and backbones.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Data protection and disaster recovery planning are at the core of our philosophy. Your business data is vital, often irreplaceable. Should a hardware failure, human error, virus or any other unfortunate incident lead to the destruction of all or a part of your valuable data we guarantee a quick and full recovery if you follow our advice. Disasters are inevitable. They will happen. Planning and foresight is what makes great leaders great.