Here at TechTroid we understand the dynamics of today’s business world. Whatever your business field, electronic communications and employee collaboration, often between teams based in different area codes or countries, is imperative. There are 3 main types of cloud computing platforms to choose from based on the size and needs of your company.

IAAS (Information-as-a-Service)

  • Public Cloud – TechTroid is a Public Cloud provider. For the small to medium-sized business using our Public Cloud services is an excellent way to get their IT infrastructure onto the cloud without breaking the bank. Enjoy unlimited accessibility, scalability, and on-demand availability of your data as well as the rest of your IT resources all for a very reasonable monthly price. We will provide the servers, applications, and storage while you concentrate on the advantages of collaboration, data sharing, and allowing your employees to do their work regardless of location.
  • Private Cloud – If your company needs their information on site yet be accessible from the world – having your own private cloud may be a viable solution. We are experienced and fully certified in planning, designing, and implementing private cloud infrastructures according to your specific business demands. Implementing our designs in conjunction with cutting-edge virtualization technologies can provide your business with an efficient, secure, and up-to-date private cloud. We also guarantee top-of-the line cloud support and a quick incident response time.

SAAS (Software-as-a-Service)

  • Microsoft Exchange – We proudly provide the industry standard corporate email service – Microsoft Exchange using the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 distribution. Using our hosted Exchange service gives you all of the benefits of using Microsoft’s business-class messaging software including contact management, event and calendar management, delegating user access levels, server and client-side rules, and spam filtering at considerable savings. For small to medium companies, hosting and administering your own Exchange server can not only be complicated but costly as well. Our hosted Exchange service makes it painless..
  • Microsoft SharePoint – Microsoft SharePoint is an advanced business collaboration and project management suite that is cloud-ready by design. Some of its many features include intelligent file sharing, facilitating teamwork, mobile device collaboration, and specialized web content management (SharePoint Portals) for the company intranet. Our experienced SharePoint specialists will host and manage your SharePoint services and deal with day-to-day administration and support while positively impacting your company’s productivity and bottom line.

PAAS (Platform-as-a-Sevice)

TechTroid gives you the entire infrastructure – the computer platform and the associated stack of software applications – to give you the ultimate control over all of your business resources. Whether you are looking to consolidate your existing applications or want to deploy new ones, the implementation of a Platform-as-a-Service model will accelerate, improve and stabilize your IT infrastructure.

Enjoy all the advantages of this solution without worrying about the costs of developing and deploying complicated web applications. Discover the benefits of an independent online platform that is not limited by hardware requirements or storage space.

We offer and support the solutions developed by the most popular types of cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service providers:

  • IBM
  • Red Hat, Inc
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Engine Yard
  • Oracle