I am happy to write this letter of reference on behalf of TechTroid, Inc. and its CEO, Owais Mughloo. The company specializes in providing hosting, website development, networking, start-up services for new businesses, information and data security, and ancillary services to the professional sector. Owais has been our technology service provider for many years. He is very intelligent, hardworking and has always provided exceptional client services. Overall, I believe Owais to be a highly skilled professional Information Technology expert. If I may be of further assistant with regard to Owais and his company, please call me at 401-475-1700 or e-mail me at
Jennifer L. Caputi, Principal Owner, Martinelli Caputi, Ltd.
Running a successful college marketing company requires being quick and witty to engage with students. Having worked with various IT companies over the years, NAM Youth strongly recommends TechTroid simply because they are beyond in delivery of any standard IT company. They invent. Collectively, we developed a master program in less than 21 days that has been industry envied. These guys are amazing.
Marc D. Sorel, CMO, NAM Youth Marketing Specialist Corp.
Owais is an excellent IT consultant who goes the extra mile to make sure everything is running as it should be. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He possesses the ability and motivation to address nearly any IT obstacle. I highly recommend Owais to anyone in need of an IT consultant.
Brian Weinstein, Management, Rent Prov Realty
Owais helps our office in times of crisis! He is extremely responsive and knows how to handle every situation. I would recommend Owais and his company to anyone, I am constantly passing along his contact info.
Jonathan Weinstein, Owner, Rent Prov Realty
Owais is great to work with. He is intelligent, responsive and a true genius in the IT industry. I highly recommend Owais.
Robert A. D’Amico II, Managing Partner, D’Amico • Burchfield, LLP
As an attorney I am deeply dependent upon technology for managing my caseload, communicating with clients and other attorneys, and producing work product. I regularly use Owais to keep me on the cutting-edge technologically, which enables me to work faster, more conveniently and with greater efficiency. Owais plays a paramount role in maintaining and protecting confidential communications while allowing me to access information from anywhere in the world.Owais is always available notwithstanding what is often short notice and requests for assistance during non-regular business hours. I would confidently recommend Owais for your office and personal technology needs.
Chris Tadros, Esq., Principal Owner, The Law Office of Chris Tadros, P.A.
want to write a recommendation for your services as an IT consultant and programmer. Above all you are responsive which is so important in this business. Beyond that, your grasp of the subject matter is beyond question and your ability to properly allocate IT resources for a particular client and their respect budget is always apparent in your work. You also have a keen sense of what is necessary and appropriate for those in the Legal Field. I just also wanted to thank you for the work you have done to date for Tapalian Law and myself in particular.
David Tapalian, Esq., Principal Owner, Tapalian Law
My law firm has been working with Owais for over 5 years now. They take care of all of our IT needs and have been outstanding since day one. Owais really knows his stuff, and has been able to resolve many complicated issues that we have encountered. He always seems to find a way to resolve a technology issue, even when a software manual may say it can’t be done. Owais has been at our firm on nights, weekends, and even to my house to help me work from home. The good news is that most of our issues are resolved remotely, where he does not have to come to the firm. He never hesitates to do what is needed to get the job done, and his work ethic is incredible. I highly recommend his professional services. On a personal level, he is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.
Steven Schwartz, Managing Partner, Joel H. Schwartz, P.C
Owais’s has been a pleasure to deal with. He has a great understanding of what our company needs for servers etc and has been very responsive when issues have happened. I would highly recommend his talent to anyone. Having Owais on our team had allowed our company to prosper and grow in these uncertain time. A valuable team player.
Alan Dennis, CPA, CFE, and ECommerce Entrepreneur, US Public Safety Group, Inc
Our union has been working with Owais for almost two years now and we cannot say enough positive things about him. Owais has revolutionized our way of doing things and has really brought us up to date with the latest technology. Owais is excellent at teaching people who do not have a lot of technology background and showing them how to make their workplace more efficient. He is able to work remotely, but will also come into the office if we feel we need a little extra guidance or education. Owais is a treasure and I am glad that our union has found him. He is one of the most dedicated professionals with whom I have ever worked and would be a great addition to any company.
Jennifer Dunford, Office Manager, Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society
We first met Owais when he was employed at his former company, and he was the main person responsible for implementing and maintaining our complete network upgrade. When we learned that he was establishing his own company, there was no
hesitation in making the decision to continue utilizing his services for our firm. During the years that we have interacted with him, he has demonstrated an exceptional degree of proficiency along with great dedication to service.
Greg Young, CPA, Russolino & Young Ltd.
Owais listens to his clients and is quick to find resolutions to problems. We have asked for some very unconventional solutions and Owais has delivered. His knowledge of Dropbox, Cloud and Network Security and Hosted exchange is unparalleled. I highly recommend Owais’ he is a valuable asset to our company.
Melissa Cord, Co Founder, Inventive Productions
Owais is very knowledgeable and resolves any IT issue extremely fast.
Michael Lemoi , President, Energy Source
I would not be able to use my EMR if it wasn’t for Owais. The training I got from Encite was atrocious and Owais was here every step of the way making sure my practice was up and running. He is a very dedicated employee and has made himself available to me no matter what time or day it is. In fact, I have called him on the weekends and he has been available to help either in person or via phone. In addition to him making Encite work, he has fixed my personal cell phones (I keep losing my Blackberry) and my iPad. I could not run my business as efficiently as I do without his superb service.
Ellen Frankell, Medical Director, RISkinDoc
Owais is a knowledgeable, attentive IT expert who has worked many times on my company’s computer network. He promplty answers his calls and responds immediately to emergency situations. He is easy to work with and personable in his approach to my needs. I do not hesitae recommending him for most IT projects.
Ben Lupovitz, President & CEO, RIBI Security
As a business developer and entrepreneur I have a great need and desire to remain on the cutting edge with technology. I have found with Owais it is just that. He has taken my vision of each project that I have taken on and allowed me to excel quickly and above the rest with producing a final product with image, service and performance. To deliver these three to any consumer and todays economy – they scream for ‘today’ With Owais it is just that – quick results – new technology – today!
Craig DiPetrillo, President, DiPetrillo Properties, LLC
Owais is very knowledgeable and has been a great to work with. He has attended to our hardware/software projects ranging from routine to “crisis” and has always delivered excellent results. His strongest assets are: his ability to understand what we expect, identify the problem, and implement an affordable solution quickly. I would highly recommend Owais.
Anthony Rondeau, President, Select Financial Mortgage Corporation